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MIST Competition

March 03, 2022
By NUI School

This past weekend, the NUI MIST Team participated in the MIST Competition.  MIST inspires high school students to collaborate and compete, develop creative skills, and learn from professionals, while educating them about Islam and Muslims.  MIST programming includes annual regional and national tournaments in more than a dozen regions across North America.  

The NUI MIST Team competed in over 20 events and competed as the largest team.  NUI won the Best School Award!  Saad F. and Anum A. won first and second place as Best Competitors.

1st Place
Boys Basketball
Boys Nasheed
Boys Soccer
Rocket League
Quran Memorization
Knowledge Test
2nd Place
Creative Writing
Business Venture
Science Fair
Knowledge Test
Boys Improv
3rd Place
Rocket league
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Quran Memorization Level
Girls Basketball
Knowledge Test
Math Olympics
Spoken Word
4th Place
Mist bowl
Short film