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NUI Stories

7th Annual Model UN Conference

May 23, 2022
By NUI School

On May 21, 2022, Noor Ul Iman School Model United Nations hosted its 7th Annual Model UN Conference. The theme of this year's conference was reducing inequalities and we had the honor of hosting our special guest, Mir Muhammad Ahmad Suleiman. Mir worked for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Mission to the United Nations as an intern and special advisor. Hearing his experience of how his internships allowed him to gain valuable experience and lead him to work and participate in international relations and the UN  left a positive  impact on our delegates to partake in these types of careers when they graduate.  

This year we had a total of three committees that were chaired by our senior and junior NUIMUN members: 

Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)

United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF)

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) 

Delegates participated in two committee sessions and were awarded at the end in the closing ceremony. We are proud of all the delegates who took part in NUIMUN 22 and we look forward to an even more successful event next year. 

Best Delegate: Rayyan R.
Outstanding Delegate: Yusuf S.
Distinguished Delegate: Samiha A.
Best Position Paper: Aisha K.
Honorable Mention: Yusuf A.
Honorable Mention: Saad A.
Best Delegate: Hamza E.
Outstanding Delegate: Maha S. 
Distinguished Delegate: Khaled E.
Best Position Paper: Rahma Y.
Honorable Mention: Romeesa B.
Honorable Mention: Sarah Y.
Best Delegate: Moustafa A.
Outstanding Delegate: Ahmed S.
Distinguished Delegate: Ameen M.
Best Position Paper: Ibraheem G.
Honorable mention: Zyan S.
Honorable Mention: Noor E.

Gala Sponsors

April 12, 2022
By NUI School

Bridgewater-Raritan High School Model United Nations Conference

March 22, 2022
By NUI School


The NUI Middle School Model United Nations Team (MSMUN) competed at the Bridgewater-Raritan High School Model United Nations Conference on Saturday, March 19, 2022.  The conference  took place at Bridgewater-Raritan High School located in Bridgewater Township, New Jersey. The conference hosted high school & middle students from schools across New Jersey. Students worked with their committee members to debate and create solutions to current global issues, and they learned about a multitude of topics from Combatting Mental Health Disorders Worldwide, Global Distribution of COVID 19 Vaccinations & Immunizations, Implementation of Sustainable Urbanization Practices, Preventing Weaponization in Space, and the Venezuelan Humanitarian & Refugee Crisis.

Congratulations to the hardworking delegates of the Middle School Model UN Team, for a job well done at the Bridgewater- Raritan High School Model UN conference!

Ahmed S. - Won the Outstanding Delegate Award
Yazeed A.
Yousef E.
Lama S.
Rayyaan M.
Zayd S.
Raaid H.
Maraam C.
Maryam K.
Khadijah I.
Maazin I.
Mustafa A.
Rahim B.
Ameen M.
Ibraheem G.
Zayed F.

CISNA Arabic Spelling Bee

March 14, 2022


Congratulations to NUI students Ayan H. and Moussa A. for coming in 3rd place at the CISNA Arabic Spelling Bee.  The CISNA Arabic Spelling Bee consisted of 34 Islamic Schools.  The goal of the spelling bee is to encourage students to know how to spell, pronounce, read, and write Arabic words. We are so proud of Ayan and Moussa.   

CISNA is the largest and only Islamic accreditation organization of Islamic schools in the world.  CISNA Accreditation provides a means to review and evaluate all aspects of a school’s program with an Islamic lens.

MIST Competition

March 03, 2022
By NUI School

This past weekend, the NUI MIST Team participated in the MIST Competition.  MIST inspires high school students to collaborate and compete, develop creative skills, and learn from professionals, while educating them about Islam and Muslims.  MIST programming includes annual regional and national tournaments in more than a dozen regions across North America.  

The NUI MIST Team competed in over 20 events and competed as the largest team.  NUI won the Best School Award!  Saad F. and Anum A. won first and second place as Best Competitors.

1st Place
Boys Basketball
Boys Nasheed
Boys Soccer
Rocket League
Quran Memorization
Knowledge Test
2nd Place
Creative Writing
Business Venture
Science Fair
Knowledge Test
Boys Improv
3rd Place
Rocket league
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Quran Memorization Level
Girls Basketball
Knowledge Test
Math Olympics
Spoken Word
4th Place
Mist bowl
Short film

Philadelphia Model UN Conference

March 03, 2022
By NUI School

The NUI Middle School Model United Nations Team competed at the Philadelphia Model UN Conference on Friday, February 25, 2022 - Sunday, February 27, 2022.  The PhilMUN conference was sponsored by the Institute for Domestic and International Affairs (IDIA), and Rutgers University.  The conference hosted high school & middle students from schools across New Jersey & Pennsylvania. The goal of the conference was to explore the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region with an emphasis on regional unity as a theme. Students worked with their committee members to debate and create solutions to current global issues, and they learned about a multitude of topics from “Evaluating Healthcare Systems in Conflict Zones” to “Creating a Free Trade Agreement for the Greater Arab Region.” 

Congratulations to the hardworking delegates of the Middle School Model UN Team, for a job well done at the PhilMUN conference!

Yousef E.- Won the Most Improved Award
Ahmed S.
Eshal A.
Menha A.
Maraam C.
Aleena A.
Aliyah A.
Marium G.
Raaid H.
Ibraheem G.
Mariam E.

Mock Trial Regional Competition

March 02, 2022
By NUI School

The week of Feb 14, 2022 was a week of excitement and preparation as the NUI Mock Trial team went up against other schools in the regional competition. Mock Trial is a competition organized by the New Jersey Bar foundation, that places students into a simulation of a court of law. Each school has a defense and prosecution team that compete with other teams to present their side and defend or prosecute the defendant of the case. The competition is a test of public speaking, improvisational skills, knowledge of the legal system, and acting skills.

Our NUI team made it to the semifinals of the competition as they competed throughout the week against numerous different schools in the region. We are so proud of our Mock Trial team, and we are looking forward to their future endeavors, inshaAllah!

The prosecution team was made up of:
Imaad S.
Hiba K. 
Mustafa S.
Ambereen F.
Samiha A.
The defense team was made up of:
Safa C.
Nora E.
Hamza E.
Adam S.
Heba B.
The timekeeper for both sides was Faaz Q.
Congratulations to the NUI Mock Trial Team!

Boston Invitational Model United Nations XXI

February 07, 2022
By NUI School


Congratulations to the hardworking delegates of the High School Model United Nations Team. This past weekend, our students competed at the Boston Invitational Model United Nations XXI.  We are so proud of our students and we couldn't thank our Model UN advisor, Mrs. Binish enough!

The students participate in different committees at the BosMUN.  The General Assembly committees are large deliberative and policymaking bodies, usually comprised of most, if not all, 193 Member States of the United Nations.  They discuss significant, broad topics that affect large areas and populations.  

The Economic and Social Councils are mid-sized committees that debate issues relevant to the specialized agencies of the United Nations and other intergovernmental agencies.

Specialized committees range from medium to small in size and operate in a unique format.  Delegates in Specialized committees expect a mixture of Crisis and General Assembly elements.  

Crisis committees are small, fast-paced committees that act as a simulation of a specific event.  Delegates are often assigned a character instead of a country and utilize "crisis notes."  These committees combine debate with live action crisis updates and pass shorter directives to solve problems. 

Congratulations to the following students: 
Hamza A. - Outstanding Delegate
Areen A. - Honorable Mention
Anum A. - Verbal Commendation
Imaad S.  - Verbal Commendation
Ali Y. - Verbal Commendation
Tasnim S. - Honorable Mention
Mustafa S. - Outstanding Delegate


Boston University Academy Model UN Conference

February 01, 2022
By NUI School

Congratulations to the hardworking  delegates of the Middle School Model United Nations Team (MSMUN)! On Saturday, January 29, 2022 & Sunday, January 30, 2022, members of our team competed at the Boston University Academy Model UN Conference (BUAMUN X), sponsored by Boston University Academy.  

The discussions included extreme weather conditions resulting from climate change, Russia sending troops to Ukraine's border, and the continuous threat of Covid-19, as hospitalizations and deaths increase daily. Now, more than ever, it is important for today's youth, and tomorrow's leaders to be informed, and to learn how to "think and act globally". Model UN helps to make this happen. These students represented the NUI Middle School proudly at these conferences. The students collaborated with middle school students from all over the country, to debate and create a resolution to address global issues such as Artificial Intelligence, the Instability of Cryptocurrency, and Microloans.

Congratulations to the following students that participated: 
Menha A.
Saad A.
Eshal A. - won Honorable Mention
Mustafa A.
Zaynab B.
Mohammad H. (not pictured)
Zayd S.
Ahmed S. won Best Delegate
Maha S. - won Honorable Mention

MLK in High School

January 20, 2022
By NUI School


This MLK Day, Amira T, the President of the Disaster Relief Committee, and her fellow club members hosted a meal packaging event at NUI for those in need. The committee received an outpouring of support from the NUI and wider community and raised $5,300 to cover the cost of the program. High school students packaged 10,000 meals in one day mashallah! The meals that were made will be sent to under-resourced schools and health centers abroad. 

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