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Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

NUI was established 28 years ago starting off with a few students and now serves PreK-3 to 12th grade. It is the only Islamic school in the State of NJ to be accredited by NJAIS.

NJAIS is a nonprofit association of independent (private) schools throughout New Jersey. Founded in 1958, the association serves its member schools by providing a rigorous, comprehensive, standards-based accreditation program, outstanding professional development, public advocacy, networking opportunities, and consultation with our professional staff.

Our rigor in academics begins in elementary school and continues to college preparatory and dual enrollment in high school.  We also have a well-rounded and strong Islamic Studies, Arabic, and Quran program.

Noor-Ul-Iman students gain a balanced and holistic Islamic education. Our curriculum covers the seven core Islamic sciences including sira, aqida, fiqh, and tazkiya. We see our first task as instilling in our students a love and respect for the word of Allah taala and a deep attachment to His Messenger ﷺ by studying the shama’il, sira, and the science and memorization of Quran and hadith.

Next, students study aqida to develop a profound awareness of Allah taala and delve into Purification of the Heart so that they may come to understand the internal struggles of the human being and how to overcome them. Finally, Students study fiqh, the laws of Islam, to understand what is permissible and what is not. They will come to know the mercy of the law and also delve into the methodology (usul) and contemporary issues as seniors. This is balanced by their previous study of the balanced character of our Beloved Messenger  ﷺ .

All elementary teachers are certified by the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE.) Middle and high school teachers teach in the field of their earned degree. We pride ourselves on having highly qualified teachers throughout the school.

Classroom sizes average about 18 students.  Each grade has two sections.

Yes, there is a Physics and a Bio/Chem Lab.

Students should be the age of 5 by October 31 of the school year.

There are no buses available to transport students. Depending on the township you live in, townships may provide aid in lieu of transportation to qualifying families who live between a 2 to 20-mile radius once transportation forms are filled out.

The majority of parents drop off and pick up their children, some families carpool, others have pooled together and had a service van transport their children.

Yes, depending on prayer timings during the school day, students pray Dhuhr and Friday Jummah at ISCJ,  our masjid on campus.

Yes, students eat lunch at school. Students may bring their own lunch or pre-pay lunch that gets delivered by local restaurants according to specific days, for example, "Pizza Wednesdays."

Yes, a nurse is available onsite every day of the week.

Yes. Noor-Ul-Iman School is dedicated to providing a safe environment for our students. NUI follows state regulations and works closely with the state and local police and fire departments.  This includes routine fire drills and other security drills.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, you may always reach out to the Head of School. Please be aware that NUI cannot share everything as it could jeopardize our operational security plan.