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Counseling Overview

The NUI guidance counselors meet with students individually and in groups.  Their primary goal is to provide a safe space for each student to express themselves without judgment. In this ever-changing world, taking care of our social and emotional well-being is crucial and thus began Counselor Check-ins, where NUI Counselors meet with NUI students to discuss topics that go hand in hand in supporting their mental health as well as their iman. The counselors like to begin with a guided meditation practice that incorporates stress-relieving exercises with dhikr, remembrance of Allah. The counselors like to discuss topics that are important to students’ overall success such as time management skills, organization, and stress management.  Counselors main focus is to ensure all students are always guided and supported as they navigate their way through school.

NUI Counselors

Ms. Tanvir
Guidance Counselor Pre-K - 3rd Grade
Ms. Zaineb
Guidance Counselor 4th - 7th Grade
Ms. Laraub
Guidance Counselor 8th -12th Grade
Ms. Amira
College Counselor