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Quranic Studies Overview

The scholars, in collaboration with NUI teachers, redesigned the Quran curriculum to allow more memorization in the younger years and lead into understanding Quranic science and Tafseer as students become developmentally ready. Students are expected to master proper recitation and tajweed by the end of elementary school as the curriculum requires mastery of makharej (articulation points of the Arabic letters) and tajweed (application of quranic recitation rules) while they memorize a series of surahs.  The students also focus on tafseer, understanding the meaning and the morals of the surahs.

Quranic Studies consists of

  • Learning and applying tajweed rules
  • Memorization of assigned surahs for each grade
  • Understanding the meaning of the surahs being memorized


Quranic Studies Programs

  • Ameen Celebration- The Celebration takes place for third-graders when they complete reading the Quran.
  • HIFDH Program (Quran Memorization)- Click Here for More Information
  • Quran Reading Incentive Programs