Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Assalamu Alaikum NUI Families, Faculty & Staff,

Today, November 24th, NUI contacted the South Brunswick Police Department because of a student’s report of suspicious activity. In an abundance of caution, the South Brunswick Police Department instructed the school to institute a Shelter in Place. This means that school went on as usual with the restriction that all students and staff remain in the school building. In addition, all after school activities that were scheduled to take place at NUI were canceled.

As of now, nothing has been found. The police will be continuing their investigation to ensure the safety of all those on the ISCJ and NUI premises. The South Brunswick Police Department is taking precautionary measures and so there will be increased police presence on the premises throughout the day tomorrow.  NUI will run as normaltomorrow as per the instructions of the South Brunswick authorities.

Please note that tomorrow, Wednesday, November 25th is a half day of school with dismissal times of 12:05 pm for Pre-K & KG and 12:30 pm for 1st through 12th grade.  

Alhamdulilah, this event has demonstrated the success of the safety drills that NUI conducts. Shelter in Place drills have been practiced in the past and the NUI staff and students were properly prepared. In addition, members of the ISCJ, specifically those in charge of security, joined in the investigation and afforded all available means to assist the school and the South Brunswick Police Department. A sincere thanks is due to the South Brunswick officials who demonstrated an excellent response time and took charge of the situation within minutes of the initial call. Police personnel were deployed to the school to ensure the safety and security of all those on site and to conduct an investigation with minimal disruption to the school’s operations.

I am very grateful to the NUI parents, students, faculty, staff and administration for their cooperation today.

Thank you,
Wasalamu Alaikum.

Eman Arafa


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