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Student Clubs


American Mathematics Club (AMC):

    AMC helps students prepare for the annual American Mathematics Competition, which is 75 minute examination composed of math questions. The competition exposes students to math that is different from textbook math. It teaches students to think “outside of the box”, and increases their critical thinking.

Community Service Club:

    The NUI Community Service Club (CSC) provides opportunities for students in grades eight to twelve to serve the school, the Muslim community, and the community at large.  The club consists of ten committees, each headed by student chairs and adult supervisors.  Each committee is responsible for planning activities such as food drives, fundraising events, recycling, etc. The students of the NUI Community Service Club have been recognized by The County of Middlesex Board of Chosen Freeholders for it’s consistent support of their annual food drive for the past six years!

Debate Club:

    Debate Club is an after-school club, the goals of which are to help students develop critical and analytical thinking skills, the ability to make a case and defend one’s position through research, quick thinking and persuasive speech as well as to foster public speaking skills. Students meet once a week with their advisor and prepare for the upcoming tournament. The season runs October – March. The tournaments are hosted by area high schools about every 6 weeks. NUI’s Debate Club is part of the New Jersey Forensics League and the National Speech and Debate Association.

Ibra Literary School Magazine:

    Ibra is Noor ul-Iman’s student edited, student designed literary magazine. It currently showcases art, photography, fiction, and poetry created by our High School students. Beginning in the Fall of 2016 it will also feature work by students from other Islam schools across the state. By the Fall of 2017 we will begin to accept submission from young Muslim writers from across the country.


    The purpose of this club is the exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as well as to further the professional development of the students. Club activities include projects involving Biology, Chemistry, Physics and various technology and engineering activities.

Model United Nations/Model Congress:

    The NUI Model United Nations/Model Congress Team allows students in grades 10-12 to participate in local and national Model UN and Model Congress Conferences. Each participant has the opportunity to fine tune his/her public speaking, research and writing skills while enhancing his/her awareness of national and global political, social and economic situations. Team members are engaged in simulated United Nations and Congressional sessions for one-day or four-day conferences. The ultimate goal is for all team members to develop into active global citizens. Alhamdullillah, a number of students who participated in Model UN/Congress get recognized by the organizers at the various conferences. The 2013-2014 team made history when they won two school awards for NUI, Outstanding Medium School for Rutgers Model UN and Outstanding Small School for Rutgers Model Congress.

NUI Awareness Club:

    The NUI Awareness Club is devoted to raising awareness for diseases, disasters, and any other problems that need the public’s attention, many of which do not get the attention they deserve. We will raise awareness for certain causes with help of our great school, and encourage students from of all ages to do their part.

Science Olympiad:

    Science Olympiad allows students in High School to be involved in STEM education and fosters their deep interest in Science. A team of students participate in events that are a balance of the various science disciplines: biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, computers and technology. There is an emphasis on problem solving, hands-on and minds-on activities. Students develop teamwork and cooperative learning strategies.