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Choosing NUI

4thgradeOur Classroom, The World

Our state-of-the-art school is conveniently located at the edge of historical Princeton, midway between New York and Philadelphia.  We are a diverse learning community whose staff and student body originate from varying states, countries, and continents.  Students study with – and learn from – others who share a love of learning.  Our school community is brought together by a mutual desire to practice and preserve core Islamic teachings within a world class educational environment.

choosingNUI1The majority of our students are bilingual and some are multilingual.  The diversity of the NUI student body gives the students a richer, deeper perspective on cultural traditions.  The curriculum challenges the students to understand academic subjects within an Islamic framework. Students make a difference in their communities through service projects often initiated by students themselves.  Our school strives to develop leaders who continue to have a positive impact on  society.