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PTO Overview

The parents and teachers of NUI recognize the important role the school plays in the academic, social, and personal development and well-being of NUI students.  The parents and teachers also recognize that active parent involvement in the school positively affects the success of the school and the students. Noor-Ul-Iman School encourages the participation of parents in the continuous development and growth of the school.

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is an organization of parents and teachers that aims at achieving maximum cooperation between the home and the school and functions for the best interests of the school.  General membership is open to all parents and teachers of NUI. 

The NUI PTO consists of parents and teachers working together with the school’s administration and the larger parent body to meet the following PTO objectives:NUI PTO

 – To support the mission of Noor-Ul-Iman School in providing education in an Islamic environment that emphasizes moral and academic excellence.

– To promote a forum for constructive interchange of information, opinions, and ideas.

– To provide financial support for school/community activities.

– To engage in and promote Islamically appropriate social and fun activities for the students and parents of NUI.


PTO Officers:

President: Rizwana Shakil

Treasurer: Tariq Hasani

Secretary Co-Chaired: Sofeeya Atar

PTO Committee Leads:

Family Events Committee: Sonya Hayat & Farin Zaman 

Student Events Committee: Samantha Sanchez & Huma Ansari 

Fundraising Committee: Yi Pan & Uzma Khan

Jumaa Bake Sale: Tariq Hasani

School Climate Committee: Maheen Shah & Hina Kharbey

Islamic Book Fair Committee: Sana Elmaslouhi & Hoda Yousry

Book Fair Committee: Mariam Khan & Sameerah

Allergy Awareness Committee/Co-Chaired: Rabia Faisal & Shahnaz Naeem

Social Media Committee: Rizwana Shakil & Sadia Shakir