Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Elementary/Middle School

NUI Elementary/Middle School continues to maintain its excellent academic record. The Stanford 10 Achievement Test (SAT10), a national standardized test, is administered every year to students in KG through 8th grade in the spring. In April 2011, over 92% of NUI students received scores that were average or above, and over 50% of students scored in the top 25% of the students who took the test nationwide. In addition, NUI students continue to receive honors at the state and national level. For example, four NUI elementary school students were National Student Winners in the 2011 National Language Arts League Competition. Seventy-three Noor-Ul-Iman School students qualified to participate in the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth 2011 Talent Search. Four eighth graders received Distinction in the Talent Search for scoring as well as or better than the average college-bound high school senior on the SAT. In addition, a third grader and an eighth grader received a CTY High Honors Award for their exceptionally high scores on the SCAT and SAT respectively.

High School

NUI High School is a college preparatory school that strives to give students the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in college and move on to the careers of their choice. This year is the twelfth year of operation for NUI High School.

The graduating class of 2012 consists of twenty-three students, three of whom are National Merit Commended Students and two of whom are National Merit Semifinalists.The average SAT score for this class is 1968. The verbal mean is 647, the math mean is 660, and the writing mean is 661. In the previous eight years, NUI has graduated a total of eighty-seven students with a total of thirteen National Merit Commended Students and one National Merit Finalist. The average SAT scores for the past eight years of graduates are 620 in verbal and 644 in math. The average score in writing for the last six years is 638. All of NUI’s graduates have been accepted to four year colleges which include:

Barnard College

Boston College

Columbia University

Drexel University

Johns Hopkins University

Kean University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Montclair State University

New Jersey Institute of Technology

New York University

Princeton University

Rider University

Rutgers University

Seton Hall University

Syracuse University

The College of New Jersey

University of Chicago

University of Illinois

University of Maryland

University of Pennsylvania

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

William Paterson University

Past graduates have also been accepted into special honors programs such as the honors combined seven year B.S. and DMD degree program and the honors combined six year B.S. and Pharm. D. program.