Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Money paid into this account is reserved for families who need assistance paying future school tuition. To apply for financial aid please go to the accounting office or see below for online application.

To donate toward financial aid:

Mail a donation to the NUI accounting office at

4137 Route1 South
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852

We strongly encourage those who will not need assistance to participate in the other half of the Helping Hands Program. Contribute as much as possible, and encourage your family and friends to make a tax deductible donation towards financial aid.

If you would like to donate to help other families receive needs based financial aid, then please send a check today, with Financial Aid in the memo line, to the NUI accounting office.

In this way, members of our community can directly lend a Helping Hand to other children from our community, and know that these tax deductible donations are responsible for making the next generation of Muslim leaders in America.

To Apply for Financial Aid:

Tuition Assistance Program

Limited grants are available for qualifying families with students in Pre-K through 12th grade, and are awarded based on need as evaluated by the process described below.

The initial review for a grant will be conducted through an independent third party company that evaluates financial aid applications for private schools across the country. This will allow our families to benefit from a confidential and unbiased process for evaluating a family’s ability to cover the cost of tuition.

Based on the recommendations provided through the independent review process, qualified applicants will be ranked and available grants will be provided to offset a limited portion of the tuition. It should be noted that the actual grant amount may vary from applicant to applicant based on the need and available grant amount, and that NUI School does not guarantee awarding a grant to all applicants.

If you wish to be considered for a tuition assistance grant, you must complete the SSS online application at this time (see below). Please call the Accounting Department 732-329-1800 ext. 301 for more information.

Helping Hands Financial Aid Program

Financial aid is available on a limited basis for Noor-Ul-Iman families who have been impacted by a crisis or qualify as a low income household. Please note that Helping Hands financial aid is only available for students in KG – 12th grade. To receive aid, families must complete the stringent application process. The money for this aid is taken from the Helping Hands Financial Aid account and from Zakat funds. The initial review is conducted through an independent third party company that evaluates financial aid applications for private schools and colleges across the country. If you wish to be considered for financial aid, you must complete the SSS online application at this time (see below). In addition, you must complete the Noor-Ul-Iman Financial Aid Application form which is available in the accounting office.

To complete the SSS online application:

Apply here: or visit the accounting office to receive a hard copy application.

School Code is 4385

The SSS, a division of the National Association of Independent Schools, will be managing all financial aid applications for NUI to provide our families with a confidential and unbiased process of evaluating applicants’ ability to cover the costs of tuition. Families awarded aid will be notified approximately 6 weeks after the deadline.

While we strive to see that every deserving applicant receives assistance, we set out first priority for the neediest families. We then set our second priority for families experiencing hardship.