Saturday, November 28, 2015

Students in the NUI High School go through a readmission process after the Middle School program. Our graduates have all been accepted to 4 year colleges and universities with a good percentage receiving scholarships and acceptance into highly competitive universities. We challenge our students daily to master their subjects and provide an array of after school clubs and sports teams giving them the "well rounded" experience that today's college admissions officers search for.


All core curriculum courses in the high school are college preparatory. Courses are designated as Honors based on the level of the textbook and the degree of critical thinking required.


Students are required to take four years of English and are placed in either Regular or Honors level.


Students are required to take four years of math. Courses offered are Algebra I (Regular), Geometry (Regular and Honors), Algebra II (Regular and Honors), Pre-Calculus (Regular and Honors), Advanced Pre-Calculus & Statistics and Calculus (Honors).


Students are required to take three years of science. Courses offered are: Physical Science, Biology (Regular and Honors), Chemistry (Regular and Honors), and Physics (Regular and Honors).

Social Studies

Students are required to take four years of social studies. Courses offered are: World History, American History I and II and American Government/Civics (Regular and Honors).

Foreign Languages

Students are required to take four years of a foreign language. Languages offered are: Arabic (Levels I-VII), French (Levels I-IV), and Spanish (Levels I-IV).

Religious Studies

Students are required to take four years of religious studies.  The curriculum includes the study of the Principles and Morals of Islam, the study of Islamic Culture and History, and Interfaith Activities. The goal of this program is to help students develop good character, be respectful of others and become active citizens who will make positive contributions to society.

Physical Education

Students in ninth through eleventh grades have two periods a week of formal instruction in physical education and recess (informal physical activity) four times per week. Extracurricular sports activities are also offered to the high school students.

Enrichment Classes

A variety of enrichment classes are offered, including: Career Planning, Computers, Financial Planning, International Business, Public Speaking, and Study Skills.

Jump Start Program

Seniors who have completed the highest level math or science courses at NUI are allowed to take college courses in those subject areas at Mercer County Community College.

Community Service

NUI High School requires students to complete at least 100 hours of community service by the end of their senior year.